25 Things About Me!

25) I currently live in Charleston, West Virginia.

24) I played college volleyball at the University of Charleston. We won the conference twice and conference tournament twice - advancing to the NCAA National Championships. We traveled to Boston, San Francisco, Denver and Hawaii.

23) I would pick the lake over the beach ANY DAY. Who wants sand covering every single inch of their body? Not me!

22) I would also pick the mountains over beach ANY DAY. I love layers and cool weather so this is a no brainer!

21) I am OBSESSED with music lyrics. I love learning every line of the song.

20) I work in commercial real estate and have my MBA.

19) I advocate for The Michael J Fox Foundation because my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2011.

18) My graduating high school class was a class of about 65 kids.

17) I will never turn down a glass of champagne. Extra dry, please!

16) I collect fine china. I have 8 sets right now, including a fantastic Christmas set and my grandparents wedding china (59 years old).

15) I don't cook but I occasionally like to bake.

14) Country. Frigging. Music. In case you couldn't tell by now. If not, you really need to follow me on Instagram and check out the Concerts highlight. My favorite artists are Maren Morris, Ryan Hurd and Miranda Lambert.

13) I love the St. Louis Cardinals.

12) I have loved shopping since I was a child. My mom said I would always sleep during the day, so she took me shopping and flipped me right around!

11) I really hate dressing up for halloween. Love fall, but not the costumes.

10) My first job was at The Ridge Golf Course. Then, I worked as a Custard Girl at Eckerts Custard Shop.

9) I def thought I was going to be a country singer when I was younger. We would go to Branson and always had front row seats for the shows. Since I knew every song (see #21), I thought I would be discovered and be the next LeAnne Rimes.

Branson is my happy place and one day I hope to own a lake house.

8) This may be a shocker, but I am really shy around a new crowd. I don't want to say or do anything to offend potential new friends! Def a people pleaser!

7) Schitts Creek is the funniest show ever.

6) 6 is my favorite number and was my volleyball number from Junior High all the way through college.

5) I don't mind splurging on quality, versatile pieces.

4) Diet Coke will get me out of just about any bad mood.

3) I am a giver. I will give you whatever you want if it means you will feel loved and appreciated. Along those same lines, I love surprising people but hate being surprised.

2) Paris and Bora Bora are on my dream vacation list. (Even though I don't love the beach, I don't foresee a lot of nasty Myrtle Beach sand in Bora Bora.)

1) I analyze every single thing I do and feel SO MUCH GUILT if I do something wrong. I never want to disappoint anyone, upset anyone. I worry, a lot.