4 Affordable Coats that Make a Statement

Wearing a coat doesn't always have to be boring! This week, I'm sharing 4 VERY affordable coats that make a statement! YES HUNNNNY!

1) Mauve Trench - I wore a very similar coat earlier this year in New York City! I love this color and consider its a neutral so would go with a black or brown look!

2) Leopard Puffer - Does this even need a description? So cute and you KNOW you will be nice and toasty warm! PS - this also comes in a really cute floral version!

3) Sherpa Moto Jacket - Love the sass that comes with this jacket! Its comfy like a puffer jacket but the sherpa lining makes a statement!

4) Teddy Coat - If you are looking for a versatile coat, look no further! I love the length of this coat and it will pair nicely with just about any outfit!

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