Its almost the month of love, ya'll. Or, is every month the month of love for you? Either way, I am HERE for all the cute outfits!

Since my sweet niece is celebrating her 6th birthday over the weekend of Valentines Day, JW and I will be spending the 14th in a car. But that doesn't mean I can't look cute, right? And, Adler's birthday theme is HEARTS.

Here are some of my favorite V-Day themed outfits! Enjoy!

1) Pink Colorblock Sweater - This had to be my first choice because the colors - pink, mauve, cream - are absolutely gorgeous! I would pair this with some high rise jeans and neutral booties!

2) Mauve Dress - I think this dress is so feminine - and versatile. Not only would this be cute for V-Day but would also be a great dress for a spring wedding.

3) Bright Pink Sweater - Can we take a moment for this color? Absolutely GORGEOUS! This would be cute with a black flat brim hat.

4) Burgundy Dress - How GORGEOUS is this dress. I have been eyeing it for a while in cream. I would pair with some sassy black heels. Perfect for a dinner out with you beau.

5) LOVE Leopard Sweater - And for my leopard and pink lovers - this graphic sweatshirt is a MUST. <3 I would love to wear this oversized sweater for a dinner at home.

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