April Loft Try On

Don't get me wrong, black is certainly my happy color. But, there's something to be said about pretty, bright, colorful patterns.

I'm excited to bring you my very first try on session at Loft. First, let me start by saying - WOW - great customer service goes A LONG way. I was blown away by how amazing, personable and nice the ladies working in the store acted towards me. They had no idea that I was trying on a crap load of clothes and may only buy a portion of it. When I left, I made sure to tell them both that they were super helpful and I was very appreciative.

So, lets get down to the nitty gritty.. lets get this show, on the road.. (HQ reference for those that don't play the game! LOL)

First up is probably the most comfy piece of clothing I have ever tried on. I have been searching high and low for a romper and have been scared to death to buy one online in fear that it may not fit - or may give me the c****toe.. Ya know :) They had this romper in black - but I didn't even try it on. Overall, super happy with the fit and feel. I would pair this will a pair of simple brown slides.

Okay, next.. Have y'all ever walked into a store and something immediately caught your eye, you thought it was going to be THE ONE, you were already picturing where you would wear it and then BOOM - you try it on and its dreadful?? I feel like this happens to me a lot LOL. This dress caught my eye immediately - in fact, it was the first thing I grabbed as I shopped through the store. But.... sad news. It was bad.. The side zipper, the fabric, the length.. all of it. I wish the fabric would be a little more "giving" and wish it would be about 3" longer. I don't consider myself a super tall girl, but I'm not short either - and this dress was too short for my liking. I. WAS. SO. SAD. Hence, the thumbs down.

As I mentioned earlier, the ladies working in the store were AMAZING. After they put my clothes in a fitting room, and I was still browsing the racks - one gal came by me and said "I am going to add this dress to your room. Its really comfy and I think you are going to love it". And boy did I ever. Absolutely comfortable and the PERFECT length. I am seriously crushing over this dress, y'all. It had my signature color (black) and the teal at the bottom is a great switch from my normal arrangement of black, white and coral. LOL :)

Now, where are my corporate world boss babes?! I know with all my heart that I should buy more clothes that I can take easily from day to night and this dress has DAY TO NIGHT written all over it. I just bought these adorable open-toe white booties in NYC and I think this dress is going to look F A B U L O U S with them! And, I cannot get over the feminine sleeve detail!! SO CUTE!

Lastly, SHORTS! Ugh - I hate shorts but these were way too cute to pass up! And - they were on sale! Buy one, get one for $10! I actually tried these on with the same basic green top. I loved that they were high waisted and both came with an adorable belt!

What do you think made it home with me? Everything? Nothing? If Loft is not having a sale right now, then HOLD OFF on purchasing! A dollar saved is a dollar earned, y'all! Put it in your cart and wait a few days for their next sale!



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