Holiday Gift Guide for Him!

I had a lot of requests for a gift guide for the guys in your life - so I'm excited to bring you my favorites gift picks! 

1. This RFID wallet is perfect for the tech guys in your life! Its ultra thin so not too bulky - and WON'T put those silly fade lines in their jean pockets! (I hate that!!!)

2. Went ahead and scooped up this pullover for my guy! This comes in a bunch of different colors and is such a classic pullover. 

3. Who doesn't need a good pocket knife! This one is amazing quality and has all the necessary tools that your guy needs! 

4. My guy is a HUGE jack black fan! He uses just about all of the products so when I saw this collection - I thought it was too good to not share! 

5. "Alexa, go cook dinner". Wouldn't that be AWESOME! (I hate cooking!) Every household needs an Alexa - if you already have one, scoop up the dot for upstairs or the man cave! 

6. For the bourbon lover in your life! If you have someone in your life that LOVES to play bartender - or is a fan of bourbon - then this is a MUST HAVE! Do you know how proud he will be when he whips out crystal clear ice balls! I mean - seriously! This is so cool! 

7. I personally have this speaker and its pretty much BOMB. I have had ZERO issues with it at all - and, I haven't had to charge it since I got it last year at Christmas! Great bang for your buck! Don't take my word for it? Over 10,000 reviews and 4.5 stars!

8. These slippers are on my guys Christmas list. (Apparently) They come in a couple different colors and are insulated and fleece lined. He hates spending the time tying shoes - so I'm happy to report these are slip on's! 

9. Every guy needs a good pair of joggers! I promise you that your guy will never take these off! And, did I tell you that they have pockets?? Do guys care about that?? LOL - they should! 

I really do have a ton of fun picking out different gift ideas. My guy has always told me that I have great gifting skills - so if you don't see something on this list that you love - let me know and we can brainstorm together!