Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

I have been thinking about doing a holiday gift guide for kids for quite a while - but I feel like what was cool a week ago in the kids world, is no longer cool. Trending toys change quicker than I can count to 10, guys! Being the uncool aunt is probably my biggest fear in life - and I know I'm not alone on that - so I threw together some fool proof gifts that are bound to make you the talk of the table! 

As far as my credentials - I have a 4 yo neice, a 2 yo nephew and a niece/nephew on the way. JW has four nieces and nephews ranging from 8 yo to >1 year. 

1. Nerf gun - Really, do I need to say more? What kid doesn't like a nerf gun? 

2. LOL Surprise - This was something I was weary of sharing. If you remember last year, these babies sold out in the blink of an eye. Good news is this year there are so many different versions that you are destined to find one! 

3. Friendship Bracelet Maker- I 100% recommend this for the girls in your life that are around age 10. They LOVE crafts in this stage of their lives so that makes this a no brainer! 

4. Star Wars figurines - Another no brainer! Perfect for the Star Wars fan in your life. TBH, this is a good gift for the adult nerd in your life, too! 

5. Calico Critters - WHERE WERE THESE WHEN I WAS A CHILD! They are so frigging cute! There are different animal families and different types of houses, cars, etc. This is a great gift and also makes future gift ideas REALLY easy! Scoop up a starter kit now and then get an expansion pack for a birthday gift! SO SO CUTE! 

6. Remote Controlled Car - this one we actually bought for our nephew. We were weary of the quality but its LEGIT. It comes with with rechargeable batteries so you can always have use of the car! We already charged both batteries so its ready to roll when it is opened! (NOTE: one of the batteries is already in the car so look there before thinking you were ripped off!)

7. Hatchimals - This is another gift that I was weary of sharing. But again, there are so many different versions and whatnot. I think these are just so cute. Kinda reminds me of Tamagotchi's. Am I aging myself when I say that? If your niece/daughter/girl in your life loves baby dolls - this is a perfect addition. They get to take care of the egg and nurture it before it is hatched. So fun! 

8. Candy Land - Everyone loves a classic. This will be a hit for kids and adults alike.

9. Fujifilm Instax Polaroid Camera - This will be a HIT! I promise. We got one of these for both my niece (age 4) and JW's niece (age 8) and they are obsessed! We also scooped up a large amount of film, too. This will teach the child about responsibility and also will get you some really funny pictures! LOVE THIS IDEA! 

What do you guys think? I tried to pick things that were bound to be a hit and cover a good range of ages. Be sure to double check the shipping on these options to make sure they arrive before your celebrations begin!