Holiday Gift Guide for the CHAMPAGNE LOVER!

If you have a champagne lover in your life, then this gift guide was made SPECIFICALLY for you! Aside from a nice bottle of Veuve, these are my top 9 gift ideas! 

P.S. - if you are shopping for me, I already have #2, #5 and #7. LOL :) 

1. A good stemless champagne flute is for the classy champagne lover in your life! 

2. I have received these gummy bears for gifts several times and they are PERFECT! Not only am I champagne lover, I also love something sweet. HAH! 

3. How cute is this pillow!!!! Would be super cute as decor on a chair - or as a pillow on a bed! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! 

4. What is Christmas without a cute champagne ornament? Obsessed with this and if no one gets it for me, I'll be purchasing for myself. LOL. 

5. These ESPADRILLES!!!! SO cute! These are a need for any champagne lover in your life! 

6. You cannot go wrong with this champagne candle! These are great quality candles and I promise you - she will love this! 

7. If your champagne lover likes to be the LIFE of the party then they need these chambongs! I have this exact set and they have seen the world with me -- Antigua, Greenbrier, New River Gorge, the Governor's Mansion..... :) Needless to say, these babies make the party! 

8. I am obsessed with this rose gold flute! This is perfect for the boujee champagne lover in your life! This stemless flute is INSULATED! 

9. Champagne shaped chocolate! Yes, please! Not only is this a great gift for champagne lovers but its also a great hostess gift!