One of the most anticipated blog posts - how to plan the perfect baby sprinkle!

The first step to planning a baby sprinkle is to pick a date and a venue. Once you do this, then it gets down to the fun part! Planning the party details . . .

Invites - Don't feel obligated to invite everyone under the sun to a baby sprinkle. Think quality over quantity here. An intimate crowd can make the mom to be feel just as special as an auditorium room full of family and friends.

I chose to get invitations designed by Rock Paper Sisters - and to be honest, they really set the tone for the rest of the decor. I loved the feel that watercolors gave and wanted soft pinks and greens incorporated into the design.

Flowers - I had a vision for these flowers and my goal was to have them match the invitations. I went with a local florist - Food Among The Flowers. They nailed the design and I was very happy with how they looked on the tables.

Food - The next most important thing when it comes to throwing a baby sprinkle. Think about the time that you are hosting the sprinkle. This one was at noon - so finger food and lunch appropriate food was my plan. We had chicken nuggets, a fruit and veggie tray, chips, cake, cookies and of course - a candy bar.

Cake - The cake was designed by a local bakery, Spring Hill Pastry. Again, the cake replicated the invitation and really pulled everything together.

Candy Bar - Now if this wasn't my favorite part of planning, I'm not sure what was. I hand picked all the candy for the candy bar from Candy Warehouse. It arrived within a few days of purchasing on dry ice. The candy tasted good and boy, was it a hit!

Cookies - These cookies have my heart! Sugar Momma Sweets completely nailed the design and they were a hit with our guests.

Balloon Garland - I have to admit, I was so nervous about this balloon garland. I found one that I absolutely loved on Etsy and it was so easy to assemble. I purchased the hand pump and it made inflating the balloons SO MUCH EASIER. Actually, putting it together was very easy as well. I also purchased this backdrop frame and it held up the balloon garland perfectly. Note - I did not use the sand bags like the directions say. I am a rule breaker, I suppose. I also purchased, this gold backdrop and taped it to the backdrop frame.

MOMOSA Bar - Note to self, you need more than 2 bottles of champagne for a 20 person baby sprinkle. I didn't really think anyone would have champagne at noon (other than me LOL) but it was a HIT. There is orange juice and pineapple banana juice in the carafes.

Outfit - I had this dress from Boden and had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it. If you like my outfit, you can shop all of my outfits here.

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