September Express Try On

Happy Fall Y'all... September is HERE and you know that means its time for pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. I actually haven't had anything pumpkin flavored but the pumpkin scented candles are a GO in my house. :)

I was recently asked by a local friend why I was only doing Loft try-on's and, at first, I was caught off guard. I love Loft and everything they have to offer but I realized my friend is right - I should try things on a different stores. So, I took my happy little butt to the mall and started walking around . . . Only to find there are about 3 stores in the mall that sell adult clothing. That is fashionable. Loft, Macy's, American Eagle and Express. I can definitely work with those - and I thought I'd give Express a shot this month. I did just receive a mini catalog from Express with a coupon so thought WHAT THE HELL! And into Express I went.

... Keep in mind, I had so many pretties picked out from the mini catalog and was really looking forward to this try on session.

Want to know how many things were actually IN THE STORE?


C'mon. Just guess.

Z - E - R - O. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Big fat goose egg. There was NOTHING from the catalog in the store. I was so bummed. I just started grabbing things that I like - black, champagne graphic t's, leather... Below you will find my try-on but jeeze louise, I was feeling down and out after this session.

Can I just tell you how much I am loving this 'varsity' trend? This sweater was one of the first things I grabbed. Oversized, comfortable and black. My three favorite things. This would be so cute dressed up with dark skinnies and some leopard heels!

Find this sweater here.

How stinking cute is this! Kinda like a peplum top - kinda not! This comes in a couple different colors. I found the tie in the front to be super feminine and flattering.

Find this top here.

CAMO CAMO CAMO! Ya'll know I love me some camo! T

his was a last minute addition to my fitting room. I wish I loved it as much as I thought I would. Unfortunately, it fit weird around my waist. I was hoping it would be oversized because it was SUPER SOFT. This is a regular ole' crew neck camo and one can never have too many!

Find this sweatshirt here.

Saving the best for last? Yah, maybe! CHAMPAGNE PROBLEMS! You can say that again! I am LOVING this look. (Wish I was wearing some black shoes!) Graphic t-shirt styled with a faux leather skirt! Faux leather skirts are ALL THE RAGE right now and are super versatile. This one can easily be dressed up for work or dressed down for a night out with your beau.

Shop the graphic t here.

Shop the skirt here.

And there you'll have it, folks. Hope you enjoyed this sesh!


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