The Bodycon of all Bodycons

I am a firm believer of buying shoes first — then finding the perfect outfit. (anyone with me or am I the lone wolf?) And that’s just what I did with these gorgggggous Jeffrey Campbell’s from Nordstrom! They were on sale during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I could not pass them up...


In my mind, I am planning on wearing them with a cute pair of wide leg denim. Close your eyes - do you see what I am seeing? LOL! Wouldn't that be a super cute outfit!

But one outfit isn't going to cut it. After all - I am LOVING these shoesies!

You guys - HOW FRIGGING CUTE is this Bodycon dress by Topshop! I am LITERALLY obsessed. So obsessed that you know what I did? I ordered a BACKUP LOL! Typical Chelsea behavior here - when I love something, I order a backup! I did the same thing with my Zella leggings and my Spanx faux leather leggings so why not this killer dress.

Topshop Dress

Now — the best part about this dress — it is under $40! (And was $25 during the Nordstrom sale!)

I feel like the styling possibilities are endless on this baby! And that’s why I’m here .. to show you how I plan on wearing it!

First - this is basic date night. I do have spanx on underneath just to make things super smooth. But I love this looked paired with a cream clutch! It is a little low cut on my - but I think it appropriate because this dress can give off the sexy vibes. HAY HAYYY.

Next up - sweater weather :) I feel like this will probably be my most frequent look. This is ultra casual and ultra comfy. This look right here makes the $39 dress worth every dang penny! If you are like me and have a ton of cream/ivory colored sweaters in your closet - um HELLER - you could legit have a different outfit for every day of the week.

Last but certainly not least - I like to call this my sporty look. This would be adorable with some chucks, too! In case you aren't aware, tying a sweater around your waist is totally in style right now. And another perk, this covers your booty if you don't like showing it off in this bodycon. Any style button up will go with this dress - I'm totally feeling red flannel, camo or black and white flannel! SUPER CUTE!

I hope you all enjoyed the different ways I styled this dress! I am always looking for affordable basics and this is certainly just that! Do you have a basic that is versatile! I'd love to see it! :)


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