october inspiration

It is that time of the month where I share things that are inspiring me. Which is ironic, because it’s also THAT TIME of the month .. if you know what I mean. I told you in my last inspiration post here, that once a month I will be sharing three things that are currently inspiring me but I am going to switch it up this month because I am inspired by something so big – something so amazing – that I’m going to share my inspiration with you and give you three tips to help you use my inspiration to achieve your goals. I am a creature of habit so this switch up is kind of giving me hives – but lets roll with it. October 1st kicked off the last 90 days of 2018. I, honestly, never even thought about the year like this. We always think about the beginning of a new year as a fresh, clean start but never about the end of the year.

If you haven’t read Rachel Hollis’ book “Girl, Wash Your Face” then you are seriously missing out. (In addition to the book, she also does a podcast and everyone needs to listen to it) Rachel points out an interesting fact – if you use October 1 as a fresh start, imagine how far ahead you will be when the new year rolls around. Wow. Pretty deep, huh. If your goal is to lose 10 pounds in the new year, and you start today, I guarantee you will be well on your way to losing those LBS come 2019. Talk about a change of perspective. Why wait until 2019 to start your goal – start TODAY.

Once I started thinking about this fresh start idea, I thought about breaking it down in smaller components. Like – on a weekly basis. And guys, I realized I was semi-doing this already. I know I’m going to be the odd ball out here but I LOVE Mondays! I love a clean slate; I wake up ready to set my intentions for the week, I work harder because I want to accomplish the things I intended to accomplish. Do you set mini-goals? On a weekly basis? Monthly basis? What about a daily basis? If you are already doing this – then WHY WAIT to set your big ass goal? If your goal is intimidating – is it going to be less intimidating come January? NADA. Do I have your attention yet? Lets go for it now. Now that we’ve decided to start reaching for your goal now… lets take the first official step and WRITE IT DOWN! I don’t care if you write it down on a post it note, your chalkboard, or in your phone – but its gotta be somewhere that you will see it. True story guys – I once worked with a girl that had a post it on her computer that said “don’t cross legs”. I know someone is serious about achieving their goal when they write it down. My next tip to helping your reach your goal is getting an accountability partner. If you follow me on Instagram – I’m sure most of you do – but I love fashion! I love sharing my style and how you can get your hands on it. Believe it or not – my boyfriend is my accountability partner when it comes to my blog/Instagram. He makes sure I’m posting at prime Instagram times (yes, this is a thing) and he also makes sure that I’m staying true to myself. Now, if you are thinking “ok, I’ll grab Linda” – and Linda is your bestie – you need to have a talk and make sure you know when you’re talking “business” versus “gossip” When me and my accountability partner are talking shop – I always begin the conversation with “ok, lets talk about my blog”.. and that is the cue to give honest, sometimes harsh, feedback. Also, I like defining the business talk because then there is no awkward period of time. Get yourself an accountability partner and if you want it to be your best friend – set aside specific time to talk shop. My last tip is to revisit and revise. Don’t be afraid to change your goal. For example, if my goal is to go to the gym every morning at 5am but I’m feeling super exhausted come 4pm, then maybe I need to change my goal and start going to the gym in the evenings. It is OK to change your goal and its better to CHANGE your goal than to completely give up because its not working. I think its so silly when someone says that they have been eating clean but haven’t seen any weight loss so they just stop. Why stop? Make a change – maybe you need to add some exercise in there. I would rather you revise your goal than stop reaching for it altogheter. Amiright? Ok – I hope ya’ll have found these helpful. Trust me, I’m no goal master and, many times, I have set goals and quit or failed. It is not fun. But taking a deep breath and resetting can really make a difference. Here’s to the last 90 days of 2018 – and the first day of the rest of your life!