Cucumber De-Tox Eye Patches

Let's be honest - people like doing things from home. We're shopping from home, were getting groceries delivered to the home, we have a glam squad get us ready at home. So, why not enjoy some lavish cucumber eye patches at home!

I am super excited to share my review of the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber D-Tox Hydra-Gel Eye Patches with you! I really wanted to try to the gold patches but something about cucumber and the soothing feeling that comes with them was too good to pass up!

I ordered these from Nordstrom and you can find them here.

Before I get too much into my review, let me start by saying - the packaging is ridiculously cool. Its nothing special - but it is so classy looking.

As always with my reviews, I use a product multiple times before sharing with my friends and family - and you are no different! I used these patches many (many) times before sharing with you! <3 In fact, the first time I used them, my boyfriend used them too!

The patches come with a small spatula that is ESSENTIAL in getting them out of the container. You just put the spatula under one of the patches and pick it right up. I read online that the patches have enough serum that if you wanted to - you could use one patch on both eyes but I opted to use two patches. The "fat" part of the patch goes right under your eye with the wing of the patch stretching up to those beloved crows feet.

I let them sit on my face for a full 15 minutes. The good thing about these patches is you can do other things while you wait! Or - you can sit and relax like the instructions tell you. :)

After the 15 minutes, I did pat the leftover serum into my face. There wasn't much but my skin did still feel moist.

Now - the results. As I mentioned, I tried these patches on multiple occasions. Morning, evening, weekend. When I saw the best results, it was when I applied them right after waking up. Unfortunately, I didn't notice much of a difference when I used them in the evenings. But actually, what is the point of using them in the evenings? To look good for your reality TV crush? I am going to strictly use these in the mornings.

I will say, the photos doesn't truly capture the results. On the left side is my "before" - this was approximately 10 minutes after waking up. On the right side is my "after". If you notice around my eyes - and my crows feet - there is a difference - barely - but a difference. The puffiness is down and my skin appears much smoother.

All in all - I think these are great eye-patches that have a very specific use. You won't find me using these every morning while I'm getting ready for work or a big night out. But you will find me using them in the A.M. when I was out too late the night before and need to run to Target. LOL :)

I am a huge fan of PTR and he does not half-ass any products! These are a tad expensive but if you don't use them every day, they will last you a while! Give them a go!

Would you guys be interested in a review of the gold eye-patches? XO.

NOTE: This post was scheduled to be posted on 8/25 but ... technology.

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