Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller

I literally had so much pleasure in writing this weeks’ beauty review. When Courtney Kerr burst on the Bravo scene way back when.. I was OBSESSED. Like, is this girl my soul sister or what! Since then, I’ve been obsessed with her blog, her hair, her eyebrows.. and her routine when she flies on a plane. Yep – you heard me – her pre-flight routine. LOL.

Last week was fashion week in New York City so you know all the girls were up there and btw, I am totally jealous because NYC is my jam and I would move there in a heartbeat.*

*If everything was equal and it was the opportunity of a lifetime ;)

I had been eyeing a crystal roller and when I saw that Courtney was using on during her pre-flight routine – I knew that’s what my next blog was going to be allll about.

I hopped on Nordies and scooped up this Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller. I love this one for many reasons. Its rose colored – duh! But, I love that it has a small end and a large end. I love using the small end right around my eyes and crows feet. Don’t ya just love those crows feet!

After using this for several mornings, I have noticed a HUGE difference in my puffiness and fine lines and wrinkles. In the mornings, I go through my normal skincare routine and before applying make-up, I take this baby for a few rolls. In the evening, after I go through my normal routine, I take her back out for an evening stroll! Its super important to make sure you are cleaning your roller after every use – so don’t forget that!

You might be asking why I decided to get into facial rolling. Well, after doing a significant amount of research – just like I did with dry brushing – I found that crystal healing has been used for centuries for smooth and young looking skin. (Um, Goals!) Also, like dry brushing, rolling helps with blood circulation, skin tone and natural collagen. This is all in addition to reducing puffiness and wrinkles! It also helps reduce undereye circles and gets rid of those nasty toxins!

I start by rolling across my forehead – and go back and forth about 4-5 times. Then I go to my cheeks – and I roll away from my mouth ONLY. I am trying to look younger, not older!! Then I roll some on my neck and high cheekbones. Lastly, I hit right around my eyes. I use the small end of the roller and roll several times right around the eyes.

Like I said, I have noticed a huge difference in overall puffiness and wrinkles. This is such an easy element to add into your beauty routine and I definitely recommend it! Less than 5 minutes a day will keep the doctor away.

Happy Rolling!

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