The Warby Parker Experience

Earlier this month, I traveled to New York City with my mom and sister. We had a loooong list of things we wanted to do and places we wanted to go. #1 on my list - Warby Parker.

We stopped at the Soho store and I was blown away. So very aesthetically pleasing. I tried on a zillion pairs of glasses and found several that I loved. I even found some sunnies that were a must have. But, shockingly, I did not purchase any in-store. I did however, order the try on at home service. And was thoroughly impressed. With free (quick) shipping and returns, what's not to love! So - the first step is to take a quick survey through Warby Parker. The survey is just a few questions and basically asks what you're looking for. As you will see from my glasses, I was looking for something with a crystal finish.

Here is a peek at my FIVE : 1) Louise - These are a light peach crystal color. And, probably my absolute favorite of the whole bunch!

2) Kimball - I absolutely loved these online. I really do want a tortoise pair of glasses. Something about them seems so.... sophisticated. Unfortunately, these pattern on this specific pair ruined it for me. I need less of the blonde color - especially around my nose!

3) Bell - Another one of my favorites. This is a unique shape and I wasn't sure what it would look like on me.

4) Haley - GOSH, I wanted to love these SO BAD. They are a lavender crystal and I'm pretty obsessed with that color. I just felt like they were a little too big on my face. My momma says I have a small face.... guess its better than a big face???!!???

5) Chamberlain - Loved these. This shape is the same shape as the $500 pair of Ralph Lauren's I'm currently wearing.. so that's the only negative on this pair.

Overall, the quality of the frames seems up to par. I didn't think they felt cheap or would break easily. What are your thoughts? Which ones do you like? Will you try out Warby Parker? I'm anxious to order a few pairs and will report back. XO, Chelsea

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